Inmate Visitation

~Visitation day will be on Saturdays & Sundays only, from 8am to 4pm. Visits are one hour each week.


~Only four (4) adult visitors and two (2) minor visitors will be allowed and minors must be accompanied by an adult.


~No shorts or tank tops or any other inappropriate dress will be permitted. Coats and jackets are to be left in the lobby and not worn to visitation rooms.


~To schedule a visit you must call (931) 836-2700 on Wednesdays, between 9am to 11am, and 2pm to 4pm


~Anyone wishing to visit an inmate must fill out a visitor information sheet and provide a photocopy of your driver's license or another form of photo identification. This MUST be done and turned in on Monday by 4:00 p.m. BEFORE you call on Wednesday in order for you to be on the approved list.

****The forms may be picked up in the lobby at the justice center or can be e-mailed to you. If you choose to have them e-mailed and return them in the mail, be sure to include a copy of your DL. To request visitation forms: e-mail


~One form must be filled out for each adult visitor 18 years of age or older. All visitors are subject to be searched.


~Minors must be accompanied by an adult and will be limited to two minors per visit. It is not necessary to fill out an information sheet for minor children.


~Photo ID must be presented each and every time you visit.


~Prescription medication WILL NOT be accepted by any officer. Medical will approve by appointment, all will be subject for approval or disapproval.


~NOTHING is to be brought to inmates on visitation days. For example: medicine, personal hygene products, clothes, money, or money orders, etc.


~You may bring items listed below on Thursdays, from 8am and 12 noon.


        MEN                                          WOMEN

2 pr of white boxers                      2 pr of white panties   

2 white T-shirts                            2 white T-shirts

2 pr of white socks                        2 pr of white socks

2 pr white/beige thermal underwear  2pr of white/beige thermal underwear

                                                2 sports bras

Inmate may only receive whites once every 4 weeks and must be on Thursday 8:00 to 12:00 noon.


Inmate Commissary Information

~ The Justice Center now has a machine for commissary. Cash or credit card or debit card may be used. You must have correct cash and drivers license and the inmates jacket number. Machine will not give back change and the Justice Center does not keep change, please do not ask.

~ Money Orders will no longer be accepted. 







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If inmates order is placed and he/she is released

before inmate receives it, it becomes the inmate’s

property and will be held for five working days.


Inmate Telephone Information

Messages will not be taken for inmates, we request that you contact inmates by mail. Inmates can make phone calls by pay phone at designated recreation times (times vary). In order for an inmate to make phone calls he/she must buy a calling card from the commissary , or the inmate's family/friends  may set up an account on their home phone by contacting:

Correctional Billing Services (CBS) 1-800-844-6591

Visitation Rules:

 Inmates may only receive one hour of visitation per week.

 Inmate must be in 7 days before appointment can be scheduled.

 Before inmates may have a scheduled visit, a visitation information sheet must be turned for each adult* visitor. (Children under 18 years of age are not required to fill out the form.)

 Inmates may have a total of 5 visitors on their list to visit.

 A background check will be performed on all visitors before they are approved for visitation rights.

 Only approved visitors will be allowed to visit.

 Visitation is limited to four adults & 2 minor visitors will be allowed and minors must be accompanied by an adult.

 No infant seats or diaper bags are allowed to be taken into the visitation area.

 Visitors must present a photo ID upon every visit. If identification is not available a visit will not be allowed.

 Visitation is on a first come, first serve basis.

 Persons who were arrested and booked at the White County Jail in the past 12 months are not eligible to visit an inmate. If visitation is missed it cannot be rescheduled for the same day.

 All visitors are subject to be searched upon entering.

* Pocket books, cell phones, paper, pencils, pocket knives, cigarettes or other tobacco, lighters, etc are not accepted during visitation and will be destroyed if found on you.

 Probable cause shall be established in order to perform a strip or body cavity search of a visitor. When probable cause exists, the search shall be documented by the corrections officer.

 Visitors who appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to visit.

 Visitation may be cut short or denied for the following reasons: not enough visiting space, lewd or obscene language or gestures, refusal by the inmate or visitor to be searched, refusal by the visitor to show identification, use of false identification or refusal to sign in, failure by the inmate or visitor to follow facility rules, visitors allowing children to disturb others in the waiting or visiting area, inmates or visitors creating a disturbance, any inmate serving disciplinary time will be denied visitation privilages during punitive lockdown except for clergy and attorneys, inappropriate dress, shorts, low cut tops, halter tops, tank or midriff tops, transparent clothing, etc.

 All visitors must wear shoes.


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