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                              DEPUTY OF THE YEAR

Congratulations goes out to White County Sheriff's Department Sergeant Daniel Trivette for being chosen as Tennessee's Deputy Of The Year. Pictured above is Governor's Highway Safety Coordinator Clint Schrum presenting the plaque at the GHSO meeting on 12-12-2013. Sergeant Trivette was nominated by White County Sheriff's Department panel and went up against each counties nominees throughout the state of Tennessee. The GHSO panel then selects the winner according to the Deputy's accomplishments and stats for the current year. Sergeant Trivette also received a mini I-Pad.

Child Abuse Awareness

This Month is Child Abuse Awareness Month.  White County and the White County Sheriffs Department are committed to fighting Child Abuse diligently.  White County had over 600 case of reported Child Abuse in 2006.  The community needs to understand what is important about that number:


•       The White County Sheriffs Department, Sparta Police Department, and The Department of Children services investigated these cases, multiple officers and DCS staff spent time and effort on each.

•       We must remember the bravery of those who reported and were victimized, and the relief when a case was unfounded and a child had went unharmed

•       How much abuse wasn’t reported!


The forms of abuse in White County committed against children are physical abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse.  The Department gets assistance from many places, Schools, concerned citizens, and family, we hope continually that brave souls will continue to help in the fight, prosecution, and incarceration of child abusers in White County.  We hope the community will continue to support this effort and Pray for the Children of White County.  If you have any information on Child Abuse please cal the DCS Hot Line  1-877-237-0004 or please call the White County Sheriffs Department 931-836-2700 your name will be protected. 


Scam Article

Here in White County, Law Enforcement has seen an increase in Id Theft and Fraud, Internet Scams, Mail Fraud and Forged Checks.  A lot of these scams target the elderly and lower income individuals whom can not bear the burden of financial missteps or they are unaware of current trends in financial crimes.  These criminal’s take advantage of people who need or can be fooled into believing a financial windfall is coming their way.


So what can a person do to protect themselves against these sorts of crimes? 

•Protect your personal information. Do not give it out on the phone, internet or through unprotected channels.

•Report, save and collect all info when approached by suspected scams. Hang onto all e-mails, letters, names and phone numbers.  If you happen to receive a check or money order, check with your bank or local Law Enforcement it’s probably fraudulent. Remember report it to Law Enforcement. 

•If it’s too good to be true, it is.  Remember if you did not enter a sweepstake you can’t win one.  Another clue is if you win money, why should you send them your money to get it.  Be suspicious of any International Sweepstakes or offers.


Ebay, Local Sales on the internet has become a lucrative and popular way to sell your belongings.  It is also a breeding ground for scam artists.  Beware of buyers whom send more money then the asking price for the item for sale and ask for the overage to be sent to them.  The check is probably a forged one, and here is the important point, if you pass a forged instrument you could be held civilly and legally responsible.  Most if not all the banks in our area will tell you if the check is fraudulent. Also, be cautious of buyers from outside of the U.S.


The FBI has set up a reporting system on their website; if you have internet availability please go to and look at the left hand side of the site and click on Report Internet Crime, and fill out the complaint, our local agents have urged Law Enforcement to direct victims to this site.   


Please remember the White County Sheriffs Department and their Investigation staff is here to answer and help with all its citizens’ problems and questions.  Thank you in advance for your continued support


Detective Chris Isom W.C.S.D.



*Write down and save all serial numbers for your property.

*Etch or write your name, initials or other identifier on items without serial      numbers.

*Photograph or video tape all belongings. This will also help with insurance




Public Notices

Court Room Preparation:

Rules for court in White County:


*No Purses/Briefcases

*No Cell Phones

*No Sharp Objects

*No Food or Drinks

*No Lighters

*No Tobacco Products

*No Hats

*No Shorts/Tank Tops

*No Sunglasses


You must leave these items at home, or in your vehicle. These items will be treated as contraband if brought into the Justice Center, and will not be returned.

Civil Process Information

Civil Service Fee: $28.00 (Make check/money order payable to the White County Sheriff's Office)

Mail to:

White County Sheriff's Office

111 Depot Street, Suite 4

Sparta, Tennessee 38583


Accident reports may be picked up within 7 to 10 days of the incident at the window at White County Sheriff's Department, Monday through Friday 7:30 - 4:30 or by link above.


Click on Link and choose

"Sex Offender Registry"

There you will also find a copy of Tennessee's Sex Offender Registry Law and the 2008 Legislative Updates.


The SOR Website will provide the following Offender information:

~The offender's complete name as well as any aliases.

~The offender's date of birth.

~The sexual offense the offender has been convicted of.

~The offender's primary and secondary addresses.

~The offender's race and gender.

~The date of last verification of information by the offender.


Also coming January 2009:

~~~~Sign up for E-mail alerts when offender  moves to your area~~~~~~~~

      HSI VICTIM                NOTIFICATION            PROGRAM LINK

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), is committed to protecting the pubic and ensuring that the rights of victims are carefully observed. HSI administers the VICTIM NOTIFICATION PROGRAM which allows eligible victims and witnesses to obtain reliable and timely information regarding a criminal alien's release from custody. However, victims and witnesses are required with our agency in order to receive notification of a criminal alien's release. Link below.

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